Our educational, guidance based triage service allows your members to decide whether or not they want to go ahead with regulated advice.

We’ve partnered with Money Alive – who are both independent and impartial - to provide access to a suite of educational videos. These videos are neither scheme nor member specific, but allow the member to develop their understanding of final salary schemes, the benefits they can provide and the alternative routes available to them. Members can educate themselves at their own pace, and can then decide whether to remain in the scheme or to seek transfer advice.

Abridged advice

We offer an abridged advice service as a follow-on to, or instead of, a triage service. It provides a logical ‘staging post’ before full advice.

We collect full financial and personal information from the member, and will then advise whether or not it’s appropriate for a member to proceed to full advice.

Full advice

Once we’ve collected full information, the member will have a consultation with an adviser.  These consultations are generally undertaken by phone but we can offer face-to-face consultations (either online or in-person in one of our offices). for transfers of significant value.  Our recommendation will follow.  Where our advice supports a transfer, and if the member wishes to go ahead we’ll deal with the admin and paperwork required to support that transfer.