What we do

We specialise in working with employers and pension scheme trustees on defined benefit de-risking projects, helping them reduce their pension scheme liabilities by providing regulated advice to individual members. 

We’ve been advising on bulk scheme exercises since 2005 and altogether we’ve helped 80 schemes, delivered 119 projects and provided advice to over 17,000 members. Our de-risking exercises have varied from 1 to 8,200 members, so we’re happy to take on any project, large or small. 

Delivering great experiences to employers and trustees…

We pride ourselves on providing an outstanding service to employers and trustees. We really get to know our partners’ motivations and objectives, which helps us deliver the best solution for their business.

…as well as individual scheme members

We’re also passionate about providing the best possible member experience and outcome:

We allow members to communicate with us in the way that best suits them, whether face-to-face, by telephone or online.

Our websites and other materials are clearly laid out and written in 'plain English', and where appropriate we use animations and videos to support understanding.

All of our advisers are Level 4 diploma holders with a relevant pension transfer qualification (either G60, AF3 or AF7 or equivalent) and have experience of dealing with transfers from less than £1,000 up to £2.9 million.

As well as gaining the trust of individual pension scheme members, this also protects the reputation of the organisation and the trustees.